Taking Back
the Moral High Ground

Andrew Guild

1 Introduction
2 Multiculturalists and the outlawing of dissent
3 Multiculturalists against democracy
4 Hidden threats to democracy
5 Treachery against the wishes of the majority
6 The Multiculturalist indoctrination of school students
7 General Multicultural indoctrination
8 The "stolen generations"
9 Australian Aborigines and genocide
10 Multiculturalists advocate genocide
11 The "Black Armband" view of White history
12 Multiculturalists and freedom of speech
13 Multiculturalists support cultural genocide
14 Asians are good people
15 Anti-White racism
16 It's not racist, unless you're White
17 The "White Guilt Complex"
18 Who are the real racists?
19 Conclusion

October 2004