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Australian Protectionist Party: A social protectionist organisation, whose primary policies are to "protect our environment, families, freedoms, jobs and industries, people, rural communities, and way of life". The Protectionists seek to protect Australians against Globalism, immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation.
National site
South Australia

Historical information and documentation regarding nationalist and patriotic organisations (primarily Australian). The Aardvark project is supported by the Association for the Archiving, Research and Documentation of Verse, Anthropology, Race, and Kultur.

The Association for the Advancement of Australian Culture
The Association for the Advancement of Australian Culture (Art site)
The Association for the Advancement of Australian Culture was formed in 1995, with the purpose of promoting and furthering Australian Culture. This website was created as an educational centre to offer cultural resources and reference points for those with an interest in Australia's culture.
Australian Identity
Internet forum for nationalists.

Australian Nationalist Resource (Downunder Newslinks)
Various news articles of interest.
Includes the Australian Terrorist Database

Destiny magazine
Australian nationalist magazine.

European People's Anti-Defamation Organisation
Aims: to defend people of European descent against racist and scurrilous attacks that attempt to defame, denigrate, and delegitimise the European nations, cultures, and race; to celebrate European achievements, heritage, and history; to expose anti-European racism whenever and wherever it occurs.

People Against Nazism, Communism, and Authoritarianism
PANCA "are opposed to all forms of dictatorial and authoritarian government, and to those who advocate the imposition of such government. We realise that authoritarianism comes in many guises, not just in the classic styles that we expect to see. Modern authoritarianism is not so likely to come dressed in red shirts or in brown shirts, but is more likely to come in the form of those who wear business suits, with close ties to government institutions and big business."

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Australian News Commentary

Abandon Skip (blog)

New South Wails (blog)

Australian and British Heritage Foundation

Australia Tomorrow (blog)

Crusader Rabbit (blog)

A Western Heart (blog)

The Independent Australian
Patriotic magazine

Patriotic magazine

Climate Sceptics

Eye On Immigration (blog)

John Ray sites
Immigration Watch International (blog)
Education Watch International (blog)
Political Correctness Watch (blog)
Gun Watch (blog)
Greenie Watch (blog)
Australian Politics (blog)
Dissecting Leftism (blog)
Tongue Tied 3 (blog)
Socialized Medicine
John Ray Is Not Dead
Dr. John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.)

Jim Ball

2GB radio (Sydney)
Listen to talkback with David Oldfield, 12 midnight to 5am

The Skeptics Handbook
The Global Warming (non) Debate

Take Back Your Home

Australian Made, Australian Grown

Australian National Flag Association

Reclaiming Australia
An Australian blog dedicated to fostering debate about immigration and multiculturalism

One Nation news

Oz Conservative (blog)

Australian Conservative

News Weekly

Andrew Bolt

Fortress Australia Outpost (blog)

Rightjab: Proud Aussie Infidel


Canadian Immigration Reform (blog)



The Fjordman Files

Brussels Journal

Europe News

Turnabout: Culture, politics, tradition and Catholicism
Jim Kalb's writings

Foundation for the Investigation of Communist Crimes
Estonian group against Communism
South Africa

South Africa Sucks (blog)

I luv South Africa ...but I hate my government (blog)


British National Party

The BNP Chronicle (blog)

Sarah Maid of Albion (blog)
Many great editorials.

Green Arrow (blog)
Green Arrow Forum
Pro-BNP blog and forum

The Fallen List
"This list is to highlight the murders perpetrated against the indigenous people of Britain. The majority of these, our fellow citizens would be alive today had we not allowed the corrupt politicians to inflict multiculturalism upon us. You'll be shocked how the recent ones barely get a mention in the mainstream media"

The Voice of Freedom

Anglo-Saxon Foundation - Ethnic English Community

Saxon North Gateway

UK 1884

I Am An Englishman
includes a Rogues Gallery

The Steadfast Trust
"The Steadfast Trust is the first and only registered charity which undertakes work specifically for the ethnic English community"


American Renaissance

The Inverted World

The Social Contract

National Policy Institute
NPI blog

The Color of Crime

Vanishing American

The Alamo Revisited (blog)

Flanders Fields (blog)

The Midnight Sun

Modern Tribalist (blog)

American Patrol Report

The American Cause
Includes Patrick J. Buchanan's writings


Links against Islam and Jihad

Jihad Watch (blog)

Dhimmi Watch (blog)

Winds of Jihad (blog)

Militant Islam Monitor

Western Resistance (blog)

Gates Of Vienna

Islam In Action (blog)

Exposing Islam (blog)

Muslims Against Sharia (blog)

Centurean2's Weblog (blog)

Blogging for a Free World (blog)

Infidels Are Cool

Political links

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources