The Menace of Multiculturalism

Dangerous, Divisive and Disastrous

Andrew Guild


1) Creating National Disunity

2) Questionable Loyalties

3) Assimilation, the Australian National Identity, and the Multiculturalist Lobbies

4) The Origin of "The Cult of Ethnicity" (Multiculturalism)

5) A Moving Target: The Slippery Ideology

6) What is Multiculturalism?

7) Cultural Relativism

8) The Reality of Multiculturalism

9) The Cost of Multiculturalism

10) Asianisation

11) The Muslim Threat

12) The Great "Utopia"
(Where the Logic of "Multiculturalism" Would Eventually Lead Us)

13) The Great Multicultural Fraud

14) Conclusion


It is recommended that the summary of the main document is read so as to gain a general overview before reading the larger document.
A list of publications for further reading has been prepared.
Note: Reference numbers with an asterix refer to those references which include a comment.

Second edition
December 1997