The Three Quiet Gentlemen

Henry Lawson, 1914

      There is a quiet gentleman a-motoring in France
      (Oh, don't you hear the honking of a British motor-car?) —
      Like any quiet gentleman that you may meet by chance,
      Who doesn't wear a uniform, and doesn't sport a star.
      Another quiet gentleman is sitting by his side
      (Oh, do you hear the "shuffling feet" tonight in Gay Paree?) —
      The honking of their motor-car, when they go for a ride,
      Is louder than the biggest gun that's made in Germany.

      Another quiet gentleman, who's very like the first
      (Oh, don't you hear the tinkle of the sleigh-bells on the snow?)
      Is riding out in Russia now to watch the best and worst.
      Oh, hear the bells of Petrograd a-ringing soft and low —
      The Christmas bells of Petrograd, that hail the birth of Christ;
      The sleigh-bells from the opera that hail the birth of Sin —
      While eyes of men are dried in Hell and hearts of men are iced —
      Are louder than the loudest blare that's blaring in Berlin.