Henry Lawson, 1909

        "O! did you see the troop go by,
               World-weary and oppress'd,
        A dead light in each drooping eye,
               And a dead rose on each breast?"
                                           — Rod Quinn

      Did you see that man riding past,
             With shoulders bowed with care?
      There's failure in his eyes to last,
             And in his heart despair.
      He seldom looks to left or right,
             He nods, but speaks to none,
      And he's a man who fought the fight —
             God knows how hard! — and won.

      No great "review" could rouse him now,
             No printed lies could sting;
      No kindness smooth his knitted brow,
             Nor wrong one new line bring.
      Through dull, dumb days and brooding nights,
             From years of storm and stress,
      He's riding down from lonely heights —
             The Mountains of Success.

      He sees across the darkening land
             The graveyards on the coasts;
      He sees the broken columns stand
             Like cold and bitter ghosts;
      His world is dead while yet he lives,
             Though known in continents;
      His camp is where his country gives
             Its pauper monuments.