Sheoaks That Sigh When the Wind is Still

Henry Lawson, 1906

      Why are the sheoaks forever sighing?
             (Sheoaks that sigh when the wind is still) —
      Why are the dead hopes forever dying?
             (Dead hopes that died and are with us still.)
             As you make it and what you will.

      Why are the ridges forever waiting?
             Ridges that waited ere one man came,
      Still by the towns with their life vibrating
             Lonely ridges that wait the same.
             Ridges and gullies without a name.

      Why is the strong heart forever peering
             Into the future that speaks no ill?
      Why is the kind heart forever cheering,
             Even at times when the fears are still?
             As you make it, and what you will.

      Why is the distance forever drawing?
             (The wide horizon is round us still!)
      Why is resentment forever gnawing
             Against a world that may mean no ill?
      Why are so many forever sawing
             On strings that rasp and can never thrill — Soothe or thrill?
             As you make it, and what you will.