Sea Children of the Sea

Henry Lawson, 1906

      One was born in Maoriland,
      And one in Sydneyside.
      All the world around was grand
      All the world was wide:
      Up the world and down the world
      They went with you and me
      Round the margin of the world —
      Sea Children of the Sea.

      Table Mountain, Tenerife
      London, Antwerp, all —
      Genoa and Naples
      And all the ports of call
      (They made a call in India,
      And talked with Gunga Khan
      Who seemed to understand them more
      Than any other man).
      They made a call in India,
      And caught its mystery,
      Jim ponders, when the ships come in —
      A sea child of the sea.

      There comes a ship that's sailing fast
      With slanting scything keel,
      There comes a ship that once went past
      But "Dad" is at the wheel.
      There's more away than Manly Beach
      On holidays to see —
      And all the seas their Grandad sailed
      They'll sail with you and me.