Henry Lawson, 1908

      The lorries load the scenery
      For Time decrees that we must go
      To set our scenes midst other scenes
      And change them as the seasons flow.
      So, steeped in vice and villainy,
      Or fighting fate with motives high —
      Or jovial in our honesty —
      We say Good-night, but not Good-bye.

      On other nights — it may be here —
      We fondly trust 'twill come again —
      We'll strive to make Life's meaning clear
      We'll try to make Love's message plain.
      The dear old things grow still more dear —
      The mean and bad we will decry —
      And so in sorrow, yet with cheer,
      We say Good-night but not Good-bye.

      We put our hearts in plays, and thus
      We seem as other folk to you —
      You may not think that you to us
      Are all behind the footlights too!
      For off the stage we play our parts,
      We laugh and weep or smile and sigh:
      And so to kindred Sydney hearts
      We say Good-night but not Good-bye.