The Old Ring-Master

Henry Lawson, 1906

      Editor's note: This poem is part of a story by Henry Lawson, "Graveside and Gayside Memories".

      So "Here we are again!" you'll say —
      "The rhyming clown of Sorrow;
      And where shall you be yesterday,
      And how are you tomorrow?"
      Oh! I am not the only clown
      That played with care a double,
      And, empty tent, or curtain down
      Has bowed his head in trouble.
      There's many a grin that pencils fix,
      And line that paste keeps shady,
      And many a tear has streaked the cheeks
      Of clown and painted lady.
      But 'twas with me since long away —
      Each new year seemed the herald
      Of some friend's death — and I could say
      "God bless you Dan Fitzgerald".