The Old Man's Welcome
(A Sequel to "The Shame of Going Back")

Henry Lawson, 1891

      So you've been a bit unlucky, and you're dashed hard up,
      And you blame "Humiliation" and his "poisoned cup";
      And "your heart is in a shadow"? Why, you must be drunk!
      Light the fire and boil the billy while I fix your bunk.
      There's very little doing here, but don't you fret:
      There is plenty junk and damper in the gin-case yet.

      What the devil set you rhyming? You're a damn'd fool, Jack!
      Never talk about the sorrow of a coming back;
      You have had a lot of trouble, but the "pome" was worst,
      And you never thought of coming to the old man first.
      You'll deserve the "frowns of Fortune", you'll deserve her licks,
      If you go without a dinner while the old man kicks.

      I am mighty glad to see you, for the boys are gone,
      And it's lonely in the humpy when the night comes on;
      There's a pipe and good tobacco on the corner shelf,
      There's a sprinkle in the bottle — you must help yourself.
      I will hunt you up a billet, Jack, but don't forget
      That there's plenty junk and damper in the gin-case yet.