The Morning of New Zealand

Henry Lawson, 1893

      In the morning of New Zealand we should sing a Marseillaise!
      We should sing a hymn of triumph, we should sing a song of praise!
      For our women are ennobled! The narrow days are o'er,
      And the Fathers of New Zealand shall be famous evermore.

      Men, you cannot comprehend it! Men, you do not understand
      That the actions of your leaders have immortalised the land!
      For the filthy gods of ages from our shoulders shall be hurled,
      And the influence of women revolutionise the world!

      Many years may pass in error ere the nations realise;
      And the South awhile is silent with the silence of surprise;
      But the victories are coming, and the tribute is to come
      In a roar of exultation from the hearts of Christendom.

      'Tis the glory of New Zealand that her sons were first to see
      That there never was a free land where the women were not free!
      Time shall hear the nations asking why it was not ever thus,
      For the freedom of our women comes with liberty to us.

      New Zealand Mail