The Love of a "God"

Henry Lawson, 1892

      She stood with the tall, painted turrets above her,
      While I lingered and worshipped the boards where she trod —
      From the rose in her hair to her instep I love her,
      But what does she care for the love of a "god"?
      Ah, belle of the stage! if the gods should forsake you
      Your bright star would fall like a stone from the sky;
      You know 'tis the cheers of their godships that make you
      And yet you begrudge them a blink from your eye.

      While we sit in the darkness, and pay you our duty,
      You give not e'en that which our worship demands;
      You have eyes for the dress-circle swell and the beauty
      Who think 'twould be "vulgah" to clap their white hands.
      Yet, we have romances, and we have our trouble;
      'Tis only the stage of our lives is so wide.
      My Queen! I'm as worthy as any gay noble
      Who strutted thro' Rome with a sword at his side!

      Yet, bless her! God bless her! our fair prima donna
      A lily, a daisy, a willow, a rose!
      And brightly and long may the limelight shine on her
      As belle of the ballet wherever she goes.
      From the crown of her head to her instep I love her
      With love that shall rest only under the sod —
      For, search thro' the world and you'll never discover
      A queen of the footlights in love with a "god".