["Let the Government Determine..."]

Henry Lawson, 1891

      We have read the country paper by the sunlight and the taper,
      and the burden of the "leader" lays upon our heart a weight.
      This the substance of the sermon, "Let the Government determine
      that the public time and money isn't wasted on debate.
      Let it go for irrigation, or make easy immigration
      of desirable and wealthy farmers from across the seas;
      Open lands to free selection, have a moderate protection,
      thus encouraging the progress of our local industries.
      "Let the Government," and so on. That's the way the papers go on —
      let them go as indicated. But the bother is they don't.
      That's the path, we always knew it; why the members don't pursue it
      is because they're not inclined to, or in short because they won't.
      Why they won't? — But it is treason to attempt to give a reason.
      We're inclined to fancy rather that they've got into a mess.
      But the pathway would be lighted and the wrongs would all be righted,
      if the Government included — Yours to order, JOSEPH S—.