The King

Henry Lawson, 1911

      And now a son has come again
      To keep the peace or strike the blow,
      And have a long, great, glorious reign,
      Through calm or tempest, weal or woe.
      And strange things set me wondering —
      As man and youth, we knew him here,
      The one the only British King,
      To see his Southern Hemisphere.

      'Midst pealing bells and cannons' din
      The countless thousands cheer and strive
      To catch one glance of their new King
      And queenly Mary, his fair bride;
      'Til on their knees, within the Fane,
      The Royal couple meekly kneel,
      The Great God's clemency to claim,
      And pray Him for their people's weal.

      And so I see, in vision clear,
      The long reign of this noble line,
      How on and on, from year to year
      The star of peace shall brighter shine,
      How men and nations, without fear
      Shall hope and labour, strive and sing:
      "The day of liberty is here!
      The King is Dead! Long Live the King"