The Free-Selector's Daughter

Henry Lawson, 1891

      I met her on the Lachlan Side —
             A darling girl I thought her,
      And ere I left I swore I'd win
             The free-selector's daughter.

      I milked her father's cows a month,
             I brought the wood and water,
      I mended all the broken fence,
             Before I won the daughter.

      I listened to her father's yarns,
             I did just what I 'oughter',
      And what you'll have to do to win
             A free-selector's daughter.

      I broke my pipe and burnt my twist,
             And washed my mouth with water;
      I had a shave before I kissed
             The free-selector's daughter.

      Then, rising in the frosty morn,
             I brought the cows for Mary,
      And when I'd milked a bucketful
             I took it to the dairy.

      I poured the milk into the dish
             While Mary held the strainer,
      I summoned heart to speak my wish,
             And, oh! her blush grew plainer.

      I told her I must leave the place,
             I said that I would miss her;
      At first she turned away her face,
             And then she let me kiss her.

      I put the bucket on the ground,
             And in my arms I caught her:
      I'd give the world to hold again
             That free-selector's daughter!