Fighting Hard

Henry Lawson, 1915

      "The Australians are fighting hard in Gallipoli." — Cable

      Rolling out to fight for England, singing songs across the sea;
      Rolling North to fight for England, and to fight for you and me.
      Fighting hard for France and England, where the storms of Death are hurled;
      Fighting hard for Australasia and the honour of the World!
             Fighting hard.

      Fighting hard for Sunny Queensland — fighting for Bananaland,
      Fighting hard for West Australia, and the mulga and the sand;
      Fighting hard for Plain and Wool-Track, and the haze of western heat —
      Fighting hard for South Australia and the bronze of Farrar's Wheat!
             Fighting hard.

      Fighting hard for fair Victoria, and the mountain and the glen;
      (And the Memory of Eureka — there were other tyrants then),
      For the glorious Gippsland forests and the World's great Singing Star —
      For the irrigation channels where the cabbage gardens are —
             Fighting hard.

      Fighting hard for gale and earthquake, and the wind-swept ports between;
      For the wild flax and manuka and the terraced hills of green.
      Fighting hard for wooden homesteads, where the mighty kauris stand —
      Fighting hard for fern and tussock! — Fighting hard for Maoriland!
             Fighting hard.

      Fighting hard for little Tassy, where the apple orchards grow;
      (And the Northern Territory just to give the place a show),
      Fighting hard for Home and Empire, while the Commonwealth prevails —
      And, in spite of all her blunders, dying hard for New South Wales.
             Dying hard.

      Fighting for the Pride of Old Folk, and the people that you know;
      And the girl you left behind you — (ah! the time is passing slow).
      For the proud tears of a sister! come you back, or never come!
      And the weary Elder Brother, looking after things at home —
      Fighting Hard! You Lucky Devils!
             Fighting hard.