"The Damanreadabook"

Henry Lawson, 1906

      'Twas born a Wantaritencant, and, ah! its claws got jammed —
      It stunned and rode a publisher and it was read and damned.
      They soothed or dodged It in the street, they said they was mistook
      They turned it loose for pity's sake, a Damanreadabook.

      They turned it loose on Kipling first and men of his estate;
      The Damanreadabook is safe amongst the dead and great.
      (And I am but a little man — it pleaseth me to look
      As through a microscope upon the Damanreadabook).

      It gets its titles missed, of course, and half-quotes with a glare
      And just as oft as not it damns the thing that isn't there,
      Then forth it goeth happily and babbles like a brook
      While people buy the book it damned - the Damanreadabook.

      I hate the Half-Read and Half-Dam, the Readandamoutright,
      And, above all the Readanjaw is hateful in my sight.
      But the Damanreadabook a time — and — money saving spook,
      Its selling mine like wildfire now, that Damanreadabook.