Archibald's Monument

Henry Lawson, 1919

      Doubtless the Old Chief chats to-night
      With writers and artist who passed from sight
      To a sanctum lit by as clear a light
      As the light of that Other Day;
      With lovable humbugs, all too fond
      Of the shorter cut to the land beyond —
      With Marcus Clarke and "The Vagabond",
      With Daley and Harold Grey,
      "The Dipso" and Harold Grey.

      No tear is needed, nor funeral frown.
      Empty your glasses in bush and town
      To a polished glass on th ebar turned down
      And be, as we are, content.
      The songs we sang to a land unsung
      As yet, and tuaght by his guiding tongue,
      The lines we wrote when our hearts were young,
      Are Archibald's Monument.

      The Bulletin, 18 September 1919