Absolution - for the Woman

Henry Lawson, 1918

      So there's a woman in the case!
      I surely should have known it -
      Wherever Hatred's weed gains place
      A woman's hand hath sown it.
      But for the silent, gentler sex
      I'd no such bad opinion
      As to conceive that she'd annex
      Heenzo from my dominion

      (Oh, shame upon me old grey hairs,
      And on my bygone splendour!
      I thought I was locked in and safe
      Against the female gender.)

      But since she was in sore distress
      And to the deed was driven,
      I'm glad to know her cold grew less,
      And so our souls are shriven.

      An advertisement poem (written by Henry Lawson) for Heenzo (Hean's Essence, a cough medicine) in:
      The Argus, 23 July 1918, page 6
      Editor's note: The original advertisement spelt "splendour" as "splender".