The Demise of the
White Australia Policy

Andrew Guild


1) Post-War Australia: Fears, Foreign Policy, and the Demise of the White Australia Policy

2) The "Lost Generation"

3) Churches and Trade Unions

4) The Media; and Their Use of "Tear-Jerker" Stories to Change Immigration Policies

5) The Nancy Prasad Case

6) Academia and the Immigration Reform Groups

7) The Asian Economic Connection

8) A Combination of Trends

9) The Post-War Immigration Programme

10) The Liberal Party and the Dismantling of the White Australia Policy

11) The Australian Labor Party and the Destruction of the White Australia Policy

12) The Thin Edge of the Wedge

Appendix One: Australia: Migration Statistics

Appendix Two: Australia: Trade With Asia and Europe


Explanatory notes:
Statistics: Where figures have been rounded, minor discrepancies may occur between sums of the component items and totals (especially regarding percentage totals).
Square brackets, [ and ], denote explanatory or bridging remarks.
Reference numbers with an asterix refer to those references which include a comment.
In striving to demonstrate the validity of this theory on the demise of the White Australia Policy, the author has deliberately sought to quote directly from the works of other authors in many instances.

February 1998