Defending Free Speech

Lessons from the Professor Fraser saga
in the fight for Democracy against Multicultural Fascism

Andrew Guild

The persecution of Professor Andrew Fraser by Multiculturalists, using the Multicultural legislation designed by Liberal-Labor politicians for that purpose, has many ramifications for ordinary Australians - and raises many important questions for the future of our nation.

Do Australians have the right to free speech?
Professor Fraser fights for free speech
The Parramatta Sun controversy; The Path to National Suicide; The Macquarie University response; Deakin University and academic censorship; The "Human Rights" Commission shows its authoritarian colours; The saga continues.
Defend Democracy from Multiculturalism! Defend Professor Fraser!
Defend our democratic rights; Multiculturalists are opposed to democratic freedoms; What are we to do?

Should Australians be able to debate public policies without harassment and persecution via Liberal-Labor's political "racial vilification" laws?
Defend free speech for all Australians! Defend Professor Fraser!
Write a letter, and become a "criminal"; "Racial vilification" laws are designed to suppress free speech; Australians have a moral right to free speech on immigration issues; Australians have a constitutional right to free speech on immigration issues; Multiculturalists can't handle the truth; The evil nature of Multicultural laws; Multicultural and multiracial societies are intrinsically authoritarian.

Is Professor Fraser correct when he says that the human races are different?
Do racial differences exist?
Differences between sub-species; Racial generalities are broadly correct, although not all-encompassing; Why do Multiculturalists deny racial differences?; The existence of race; Globalist propaganda.
Science on racial differences
Various racial differences; Multiculturalism and racial differences.
Do racial differences matter?
Biology and culture; Social cohesion; National destruction; The right to survive.

What is the true nature of Multiculturalism?
Multiculturalism is a political ideology
Multiculturalism is primarily anti-Western in nature; Christmas - a case in point; The horrors of Multiculturalism; What can we do?
Multiculturalism is Fascism
Multiculturalism = Laws against free speech; Multiculturalism = No trial by jury; Multiculturalism = Fascism; Multiculturalism = No freedom; Multiculturalism = Telling the truth is illegal!
Multicultural propaganda in our schools
Questions about Multiculturalism; Isn't it true that Multiculturalism inevitably leads to laws banning free speech?; Isn't it true that, under Australia's Multiculturalist laws, telling the truth is no defence?; Isn't it true that when large numbers of Asians, Africans, Arabs, and other Third Worlders enter another country, that it inevitably leads to major ethnic displacement (that is, demographic genocide)? Multiculturalist propaganda; Multiculturalism is an anti-Western ideology; Multiculturalist propaganda promotes anti-White racism.
Political Multiculturalism: The Reality
Multiculturalism seeks the destruction of unique peoples and cultures; Protectionism versus Assimilation; Multiculturalism is an extremist ideology.
The Grey Syndrome
Multiculturalists twist the truth; Australia is a "core culture" society, not a "multicultural" society; Multiculturalism is a political ideology, engaged in a cultural war against Western societies.
Support the Aborigines! Join us to fight racist genocide!
An Asian Australia will mean the extinction of Australia's Aboriginal people; Three pertinent questions; Multiculturalist anti-Western propaganda.

Is the Australian way of life worth protecting?
Questions for true-blue Australians
Do you want world-wide ethnic diversity or world-wide ethnic uniformity? Are you in favour of genocide? Are you happy with the various street-level realities of Multiculturalism? Do you want an end to free speech? Do you want Multiculturalist racism? Do you want your descendants to live in a Muslim Australia? Do you want your descendants to grow up in an Asian Australia?

The end of the Professor Fraser saga
The legal action against Professor Fraser has halted, at least for the time being.

The prosecution and persecution of Professor Andrew Fraser has enormous implications for the Australian people, and for the future of democracy in this country.

At stake are the basic beliefs of political freedom held by Australians:
  • We have the right to state our opinion.
  • We have the right to tell the truth.
  • We have the right to use our freedom of speech.
All of these rights are under legal challenge, and the defence of Professor Fraser is an essential part of defending our democratic freedoms.

Either we Australians have the right to debate - in public - any public policy, or we don't have the right to free speech.

Choose one or the other - it's that simple.

January 2009