Australia's Peril

National Suicide and the Asianisation of Australia

Andrew Guild

[Produced in three volumes]

This document exposes how our country's Establishment has committed itself - both in ideological and practical terms - to the Asianisation of our nation. It shows how the process of Asianisation began with the widening and liberalisation of Australia's mass immigration programmes; was strengthened by the policy of Multiculturalism (which is only a stepping stone to the "Asian future" planned for our country); and is being facilitated by politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats eager to enmesh Australia with the so-called "economic power-house" of Asia.

Volume One:
An exposé of the process of Asian integration being forced upon Australia

Volume Two:
Statistics on immigration, ethnicity, and trade

Volume Three:
Opinion Polls, the New Class, and the Yellow Peril

Asian octopus, 1988
Anti-Asianisation illustration, 1988

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