Australia's Peril

The Future Asian Population in Australia

What does the future hold for our nation? Australia's most respected demographic expert, Charles Price, has already published his projections: "the year 2020 would see some 2.7 million persons of unmixed Asian origin and about 3.9 million persons of part Asian ancestry; a Total Descent figure of 6.6 million persons of whole or part Asian origin; that is, 26.7% of the total Australian population" (16). So, it is expected that in just over 20 years, over a quarter of Australia's population will be of Asian origin!!!

Phillip Ruthven, Executive Chairman of IBIS Information International (a company specialising in economic forecasting; "a strategic and information consultancy advising most of Australia's top companies"), said in 1991 that

    "Our population grew from around three million citizens in 1888 to over 16 million in 1988 - a five and a half fold increase in a century, and averaging a modest 1.7 per cent per year. Continuing this modest rate, we would have a population of 91 million in 2088... I predict the actual level is likely to be around 150 million based on a slightly accelerated rate of redistribution of the Asia Pacific's people favouring Australia".(17)
Ruthven has forecast in The Age Good Weekend Magazine that Australia will be a "neo- Eurasian nation" by 2010, turning "Eurasian" by mid-century, and becoming "Asian" at the end of the next century (that's only three to four generations away!) (18). Ruthven has further elaborated on his estimate, and says that "about 25 per cent of Australians will be of Asian background by the middle of next century, and half to two thirds by the end."(19)



Year 1945 1966 1991 2020 2090

% 0.3 0.4 7.4 26.7 66.7?


Long-term estimation of the Asian-ethnic component of Australia's population is, of course, subject to many variable factors, such as rates of immigration, the Asian proportion of immigration, and the Asian-ethnic birthrate in Australia. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact estimate of Asian-ethnics in Australia for a date approximately 90 years away. However, we should bear in mind several relevant factors:

1) The large Asian component of our immigration programme since the early 1980s.

2) The high birthrate in Australia of Asian-ethnics (compared with European- ethnics).

3) The major interlocking of our economy with the Asian region (which has been specifically and deliberately encouraged by successive Australian governments, both Labor and Liberal-National) - a bipartisan policy which is ongoing.

4) The Establishment's ideological attachment to mass immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

Following consideration of the above factors, any realistic person can see that the Australian Establishment is leading us into a future situation where eventually Australia will have a population where the majority will be of Asian-ethnic background; whether fully Asian or part-Asian (Eurasian).

To those who would deny this, the following question could be posed:

"Is likely that in the future, the majority of the population in Australia will eventually be of Asian/Eurasian background?"

The answer to this question will invariably be "yes" (especially when asking anyone who is aware of Australia's current political and demographic trends). Indeed, anyone who answers "no" must surely either be ignorant, or a complete and utter liar.

The answers given to the above question in themselves should be proof of the fact that most people know where Australia's Establishment is leading us (although most may be too scared or apathetic to show opposition in public); it is a proof of the "Asianisation of Australia".

In 1993 Philip Burdon, then New Zealand's trade minister, was reported in Newsweek as recognising the impending Asianisation of both Australia and New Zealand. Newsweek reported that Burdon "speaks of a 'complete change of cultural identity'. By 2000, he thinks, one in five Australasians will be of Asian descent, and within 50 years the two countries' 'connection with Europe will be just a historical legacy'". While "one in five by 2000" would be a premature estimate, this nonetheless shows that New Zealand politicians have recognised the reality of the Asianisation of Australia (and, of course, of New Zealand).(21)

However, many (or most?) Australian liberal-internationalists are loath to admit that the Asianisation of Australia is taking place. They may answer "yes" to the above question, but will then quibble over when it will happen - but this doesn't change the fact that it is actually happening.

Therefore, it can be seen that under the rule of the current Australian Establishment, Asianisation is not a question of "if", but of "when" (the only question that remains is: "At what speed will the Liberal-National-Labor parties Asianise Australia?").

The fact remains: most people know the Asianisation of Australia is coming. Ordinary Australians want to stop the onslaught of this "Yellow Peril"; and it is in their hands that lies the destiny of Australia.

Note: Australia is currently undergoing an ideologically-driven process whereby European Australians are being reduced to an eventual minority by an ongoing influx of non-Europeans and the resulting growth of the population base of those non-Europeans. The background of these non-Europeans being primarily Asian; but also African, and even Central and South American).

Those who quibble about what is the exact number of Asians in Australia are missing the most important point: that we face the deliberate de-Europeanisation of Australia, and that it matters not whether the non-European influx (and the resulting population growth) is Asian, African, or whatever; as the "swamping" of Australia from any or all of these sources will lead to the same end: the destruction of Australia's European civilisation. However, it must be recognised that Asianisation is the major part of this de-Europeanisation of Australia. Of course it is a fact, as is sometimes pointed out, that Asia is not one monolithic entity - it comprises many countries and many cultures; but that is irrelevant insofar as to whether the massive influx of Asians into Australia are carrying with them a single culture or a myriad of cultures; the point remains simply this: that a massive influx of Asians will decimate Australia's national identity, culture, and way of life.

It must also be recognised that Asianisation is more than just an issue of demographics: the Asianisation of Australia encompasses the economic, political, cultural, and demographic integration of Australia into Asia (economics playing a large part in the ideological rationale of many in politics and business who favour Asianisation).

What we face is a "peaceful" demographic invasion of Australia by the populations of Asia (and to a lesser extent, by the populations of the rest of the Third World). This involves a similar principle to the situation facing Tibet, West New Guinea (West Irian), and East Timor. The Chinese have begun a huge influx of Chinese into Tibet, and the Indonesians have also begun a large influx of Indonesians into West Irian and East Timor - situations which will result in damage to (and quite possibly the eventual destruction of) the identity, culture, and way of life of the Tibetans, West Irians, and East Timorese.

Many people on the world stage have loudly opposed the demographic destruction (or genocide) of Tibet. In the same way, we have the right to oppose the demographic destruction of Australia; therefore, we have a democratic and a moral right to oppose the Asianisation of Australia.

The Asianisation of Australia means the genocide of the Australian people. The advent of Australia as an Asian or Eurasian country will mean the end of our national identity, our cultural identity, and our way of life. That this is a matter of genocide against the Australian people is beyond doubt. As Malcolm Fraser has written,

    "Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out."(22)
This certainly applies to the de-Europeanisation of Australia, of which the Asianisation of Australia is the central plank.