Multiculturalist Lies

Multiculturalist lies are told to the Australian public continually. These lies are propagated by politicians, multicultural internationalists in general, and especially by those within the media and the education system.

Some of these lies are parroted continuously as Multicultural slogans. The truth is published here.

1. "Australia is a multicultural country"

This is politically motivated deception. Australia is basically a homogeneous nation with the majority of citizens belonging to the Australian cultural mainstream.

Most migrants and their descendants have generally merged, to become a part of the existing Australian culture - that unique blending from our pioneering generations in the Australian landscape.

Just because foreign food shops and cultural associations exist to cater for feelings of "belonging" and "cultural roots" of some ethnicities does not alter this fact. Indeed, it should be realised that it has been the deliberate policy of Liberal/National and Labor governments to actively maintain, support and build foreign cultures in Australia, to the direct detriment of the Australian identity, culture and way of life.

This deception, that "Australia is a multicultural country", is designed to make you believe that there is no distinctive Australian identity, and that therefore you do not belong to that unique Australian identity.

Australia is "multicultural" in the same way that a white dog is "multi-coloured". Just as it is idiotic to call a white dog multi-coloured because it has a pink tongue and a black nose, so it is idiotic to call Australia multicultural just because it has a few minority ethnic cultures represented here - Australia is a mainstream-culture society with some ethnic cultural influences at its edges. The often repeated slogan, "Australia is a multicultural society", is actually a "clever" political tactic to justify the perpetuation of various ethnic groups in Australia, and the resulting downgrading of our national identity and culture. The Australian nation is actually a "core-culture" society (a far more accurate and truthful description).

2. "There is no Australian culture"

This is an insult to our national values. Culture is a nation's way of life and Australia's has its own distinctive features.

Our national culture includes poets like Henry Lawson, Banjo Paterson, Rex Ingamells and Mary Gilmore; painters like Arthur Streeton, Frederick McCubbin, Sydney Nolan and Russell Drysdale; architecture such as the Federation style; music from Waltzing Matilda to the Seekers, to the Bushwackers, to Skyhooks; our heroes and heroines, for instance, Ned Kelly, Nellie Melba, Don Bradman, and the ANZACS; the Australian way of life, including the bush barbeque, Australian Rules Football and games of Two-Up; Australian icons such as Vegemite, Goanna Oil, Hills Hoists and Akubra hats; our entertainers and characters like Ginger Meggs, Chips Rafferty, Paul Hogan, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson; our distinctive language, accent and colloquialisms; the Australian character, styled as easy-going, fair and democratic, having a healthy disrespect for authority, and with a laconic humour; all shaped and influenced by the distinctive Australian landscape and our unique history.

This falsehood, that "there is no Australian culture", is aimed at denigrating Australia's national identity and culture, and seeks to convince people that they belong to the cultures of migrating ancestors - in the hope that Australians will become hyphenated multicultural Australians (such as Irish-Australians, Italian-Australians, Scottish-Australians, Dutch-Australians, etc.). This lie is more than an attempt to prevent assimilation of migrants - it seeks to deny Australians their national heritage and identity.

3. "Australia is a nation of migrants"

A blatant fraud. Whilst there is a significant number of migrants here (most of whom have become a true part of Australian society), the vast majority of citizens were born here, and are fully infused with Australian values and outlook.

To be the descendent of a migrant does not make one a migrant, just as to be the descendent of a milkman does not make one a milkman.

This untruth is told to make us feel that we do not belong to Australia, but rather to other countries, to try to make us into multicultural internationalists, or "globalists".

4. "Australia is part of Asia"

A deliberate invention. Don't be fooled by this spurious argument. Australia may be close to Asia, just as Europe shares a land border with Asia (and, at Gibraltar, is only a few miles from Africa). This does not mean that Europe is part of Asia (or Africa), just as having Asia as an adjoining region does not make Australia part of Asia. Australia is a separate continent (one of the seven major continents of the world).

History reveals that Asians never attempted to develop Australia, and it was the vision of Europeans that created our civilisation. Its future belongs to Australians and their descendants. Australia is enormously different to Asia, in various ways such as our culture, identity, people, and way of life.

This nonsense, that "Australia is part of Asia" is promoted by internationalists so that you will align yourself with a future of Asianisation, especially economic integration and migration. It is just another form of "cultural cringe".

5. "Mass immigration is welcomed by most Australians"

This is the most blatant lie of all. Opinion polls consistently show majority opposition to any more programmes of mass immigration.

Mass immigration is now seen as an economic, environmental and cultural disaster to Australian society for many reasons, such as:
a) $8 billion is added to our overseas debt each year (Bulletin 27.2.1990).
b) The Australian Conservation Foundation says "Any increase in Australia's population impacts heavily on the environment" and that we should "Progressively reduce immigration" (Population, ACF, 1994).
c) Opinion polls show the majority of Australians oppose high immigration.
d) We are witnessing the ongoing destruction of our national and cultural identity, enabled by mass immigration (and the resulting policies of multiculturalism).

Mass immigration, alongside multiculturalism, has resulted in the introduction of bases of foreign cultures, the consequence of which has been the destruction of community cohesion and spirit, and the creation of a divided nation. We need to follow the example of Japan and China, who restrict immigration on both social and economic grounds.

Multicultural Lies: Some Background

Multiculturalist lies are told to the Australian public continually. These lies are propagated by politicians, multiculturalist internationalists in general, and especially by those within the media and the education system.

It is those latter two sectors, media and education, that are in the position to unduly influence or "brainwash" Australians, especially students. These two sectors are predominantly, and disproportionately, internationalist and multiculturalist in political orientation; there are social and historical reasons for this, but the point is that these people wield a huge influence over the Australian population, but are actually actively opposed to the majority viewpoint.

If we compare opinion polls with media articles, we can see the huge gap between public opinion and media opinion in several areas of thought. This divergence of thought can be seen in many social issues, such as regarding capital punishment, but is especially obvious in the media's treatment of the topics of immigration, Multiculturalism, and Asianisation. We can look at the media's treatment of the immigration topic in general, of Professor Geoffrey Blainey in the 1980s, and of Pauline Hanson in the 1990s.

Despite the fact that public support for Blainey and Hanson has been huge, and that the majority of the Australian public oppose large scale immigration, media articles have almost always been against public opinion. If the public is 70% against immigration, one would expect that media articles would be approximately 70% against immigration, as the normal community diversity of views would be reflected in the writings of journalists - some for, some against. If not 70% of articles, perhaps 60%, 50%, 40% ... 10%??? But how many media articles on immigration are actually published as being against immigration - perhaps 1% (if that)??

Most media articles covering immigration are pro-immigration. Indeed, despite the common perception of the role of the media to report the news impartially, fairly, and accurately, media articles on immigration (and on multiculturalism, Asianisation, etc.) are not only ortionately out of step with public opinion, but are usually biased (sometimes extremely so) and often contain outright deceptions, smears, twisted facts, and/or lies.

This bias is also reflected in schools, where teachers openly advocate multiculturalism - such teachers ignoring political impartiality, by pushing this political ideology. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, teachers spout their multicultural and internationalist bias while teaching various subjects (not just in the humanities classes).

Dissention from the ideological line is not allowed; any journalists or teachers who speak against multiculturalism (those who have not already been "weeded out" during the training process or the job selection process) do not appear in print, are "guided" to conform, and face losing their job. Newspaper owners and their editors make it clear what sort of stories are wanted and what sort are not. The education system and its headmasters also make it clear to teachers what sort of ideological views it will and will not tolerate.

The education system and the media both spout multiculturalism and internationalism. This combination of education and media influence subtly, insidiously, and continually shapes the mindsets of students, slowly turning them into multiculturalist and internationalist clones. It may be melodramatic to speak of "brainwashing", but, in effect, this is exactly what is being done. In a system which offers views only within the ideological parameters of multiculturalism and internationalism, it is amazing that there are still so many young Australians who are patriotic and nationalistic, because so many youngsters will normally fall victim to media/education propaganda.

We are not talking of a deliberate multicultural propaganda campaign here, but of multiculturalist common aims. As it says in The Menace of Multiculturalism: "The aim of internationalist-thinking liberals, academics, and "lefties" is - in effect - to destroy the Australian national and cultural identity. This "aim" is not the design of some well-organised conspiracy, but is rather the "logical" outcome of the thought-processes of liberal-internationalists, whose actions will cause such devastation". We are referring to the process whereby a new generation has moved into the education and media fields; and in due course has grown in numbers and importance and has begun to spout their multicultural ideology, hire those that appeal to them (that think in the same ideological parameters), and imprint their ideology upon their industry. This is the New Class (also known as the Traitor Class) of mostly middle class, professional, university-educated people who went through the universities during the Vietnam War days, were ideologically affected, and went on to replace the old social elite (see The Asianisation of Australia (vol. 3): Opinion Polls, the Traitor Class, and the Yellow Peril and The Demise of the White Australia Policy).

If you think that education and the media are unimportant in shaping people's attitudes, it is worthwhile to consider how amazing it is how people - through the media - become opinionated or even an "instant expert" on an issue - an issue of which they previously had no knowledge. The Gulf War, regarding Kuwait, is an example; so many people very quickly developed opinions on the rights and wrongs of this foreign situation - but most had previously known almost nothing of the situation, and drew their entire stance from what they learned via the media.

And so it is with multiculturalism: the media and the education system teach people that multiculturalism is good. These biased views appear continually and insidiously in the media - news reports, programmes, articles, soap operas, and even advertising. Politicians and public figures who support multiculturalism are favourably reported when discussing the issue, while those opposing it are maliciously vilified, lied about, and hounded by the media. In education, teachers advocate the ideology of multiculturalism at will, base learning upon pro-multiculturalism texts, and host events to imprint multiculturalism upon young students. Contrary to proper academic and journalistic ethics, only one side is properly presented (in fact, receiving very favourable treatment) while the other side is given extremely biased treatment. Views against multiculturalism are dealt with by either being ignored or by being vilified and misrepresented in biased reports (many multiculturalists are divided on how to handle nationalist views, but either way can be used to favour the multiculturalist-internationalist ideology).

This publication has been drawn up in order to provide Australians, particularly students, with information against multiculturalism, and against the many lies of the media and education system. The scope covered by this document is limited, but those seeking further information can refer to the "homepage" listed below.

23 July 1998