The bizarre nature of the
"Human Rights" commissars

Andrew Guild

Recent television interviews have revealed the universally bizarre nature of the so-called "Human Rights" industry.

In Fiji, the Human Rights Commission has produced a report defending the leader of Fiji's December 2006 coup, Commodore Josaia Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama.

The director of the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Shaista Shameem, has attacked the value of democracy, using "banana republic"-style arguments that can be used by any government who wish to throw democracy and free speech aside, saying:

    "Democracy is still very much at an experimental stage internationally. Hitler won both an election and a plebiscite before 1939. The price of Hitler's democracy was 11 million people dead in death camps."

    "Our main responsibility is to ensure that the state ...remains intact with respect to the Bill of Rights, ...but not pretend that the Bill of Rights provisions will give you an open, kind of carte blache, with respect to rights being respected. Because people quite often like to express their rights, but they don't realise that those rights also have limitations."

Coup leader Commodore Bainimarama also demonstrated that he believes in democracy, but only in a democracy that does exactly as he wants (that is, a "Clayton's democracy", the democracy you have when you live under fascist rule):

    "We do not deny that democracy is good for the people, but democracy must not be used to hide corruption or used as a means to divide the people of this country."[1]

These comments show the same style of mind-set as Australia's "Human Rights" industry, where they believe in democracy and free speech, unless it disagrees with their views; such as wanting to crush the free speech of the majority of Australians who oppose Asianisation, Muslim immigration, and Third World immigration (using such dodgy laws, like the "racial vilification" legislation, designed to scare Australians into silence over immigration problems).

In other words, like in Fiji, the "Human Rights" industry exists to support the existing Establishment; in Australian terms, this means supporting Political Correctness and Liberal-Labor's views on immigration and population. They aim to undermine the Australian People, because they are, in fact, Australia-haters, who seek the eventual destruction of the Australian People, to be replaced by a population of Asians, Africans, and Arabs, to make Australia into a new Third World country.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, speaking on the Fijian situation, said:

    "we're talking here about the elites, if you like, and they've got their agendas. But I'm told that the ordinary people of Fiji have been appalled's very important that we keep our focus on what the mainstream of the community feels."[2]

Does Downer realise that what he is saying applies equally to Australia? Our nation is being held captive by a Politically Correct "elite" of bleeding-hearts and Australia-haters who, like in Fiji, ignore the wishes of the majority, and act like an "elected dictatorship". Liberal-Labor politicians, like Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser, have even boasted about how Liberal and Labor have conspired to carry out an unpopular programme of Third World immigration, even against the wishes of the majority of the Australian public.[3]

As another Australian federal minister said in parliament recently,

    "you have to judge people not by what they say but by what they do."[4]

Too true. Liberal-Labor and their "Human Rights" commisars say they believe in democracy, but when it comes to actual reality, they do not. As committed multiculturalists and multiracialists, they will always use banana-republic fascist-style dodgy laws against patriotic Australians who oppose the immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people. Liberal-Labor are Australia-haters, who knowingly are pushing Australia unwillingly up the proverbial creek, to become a Third World country.

Liberal-Labor are nothing like the patriotic parties that they were many decades ago; they are now no good for the Australian people. Although they undoubtably benefit from a legacy of historical political dominance in Australia, the major reason why Liberal-Labor still control this country is because all of our elections are dominated by the media; the media choose which "issues of the day" are to be given publicity, to be fought over, and be made into headlines. It is because the media concentrate their primary focus on Liberal-Labor that these parties gain their creedence in the eyes of the public, making them appear as the only apparent viable alternatives to govern the country, when - in fact - there are better options available.

It is time for the Australia People to fight back against the authoritarian "Human Rights" industry and the dictatorial Liberal-Labor politicians who are ruining our country. It's time for people to join and support the Australian Protectionists!

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them"
St. Matthew [5]


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April 2007
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