Anzac Day may offend Muslims

Andrew Guild

A recent report issued by the Australian Multicultural Foundation and Monash University says that Anzac Day commemorations may offend some ethnic minorities in Australia.[1]

This is just another attack upon Australia's traditional way of life. Instead of people coming to Australia and fitting into our way of life, Multiculturalists and other assorted Australia-haters are demanding that we change our country to fit into their way of life. Already, our Christmas traditions are under attack by the Australia-haters, who want Aussies to bend over backwards to avoid possibly "offending" Third World migrants, by getting rid of Santa Claus, nativity scenes, and traditional Christmas Carols from our kindergartens and schools.

Andrew Bolt, of the Herald Sun, wrote

    "Of course, some of this report may be projection by its authors, one of whom is Gary Bouma ... who seems only too keen to impute bad motives to "Anglo" Australians and helped the Islamic Council of Victoria in its ultimately unsuccessful attempt to prosecute two Christian pastors for allegedly vilifying Islam in giving lectures on the meaning of jihad. And the law against free speech that was used against the pastors was yet one more concession - one more freedom sacrificed - to please a very demanding minority and its Leftist exploiters."[2]

One migrant, posting a comment on the Sunday Mail's website, made some logical points:

    "I migrated here 25 years ago because I wanted to have the lifestyle of an Australian. I assimilated into the Australian society but have not forgotten my ancestry. ANZAC day is is remembrance day for me too, it is part of being Australian. I say, "MOVE ON" to persons that fear or [are] offended by Australian traditions. MOVE to a country where you do not feel offended. Why should Australia change its traditions or values? I moved here for those values."[3]

Denis McCormack, an independent immigration commentator, has made an important point many times over the last few years, that the Australian government entered into a social contract with our European migrants when it invited them to move here, in that they would be moving to a land with a predominantly European population, a land of similar and compatible values and people (thus maintaining a high degree of homogeneity), and that it would stay that way.[4] By importing massive numbers of Third World migrants, the modern Liberal-Labor governments have broken that social contract, thus betraying all those European migrants, as well as betraying the trust of the Australian People that they were supposed to represent. The European migrants who have now become Australians are now joining native-born Aussies to condemn the Liberal-Labor politicians and Multiculturalists who are destroying Australia.

It appears that the Australia-haters would like us to get rid of Anzac Day, Christmas Day, Easter, and all the other primary elements of the Australian way of life. The Multiculturalists tell us how wonderful all other cultures across the world are, but they want to destroy ours. The nations of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are not destroying their cultures just so that migrants are not "offended" by their way of life; such cultural destruction is only occurring in white Western countries whose "ruling elites" comprise an ideological Traitor Class devoted to cultural nihilism and the destruction of the Western peoples and cultures. Multiculturalism is a con, a fraud, a trick; it is a political ideology that "appears" to promote all cultures, when - in fact - it is designed to undermine and destroy Western cultures.[5]

All true blue Aussies should support their local Anzac Day commemorations, and defend the Australian way of life.


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Note: A Google News search reveals that, for some reason, the above story's headline was changed from "Anzac Day 'may offend Muslims' " (this occurred on the sites of all of the newspapers that carried the story with that original title).
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April 2007
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