Government Gestapo aims to
crush free speech in Australia

Andrew Guild

In a move typical of Multiculturalism, the so-called Human Rights Commission has admitted that it would act against political freedom of speech in Australia, if a "complaint" was lodged against the democratic handing out of political leaflets by people protesting against the government-induced Sudanese refugee problem. The HRC revealed that they would involve themselves in a convoluted Thought Crime process that could lead to legal prosecution in the Federal Court.[1]

Welcome to Multiculturalism in action, where Multiculturalists ruin Australia by massive Third World immigration, and then Multiculturalists pass laws to make it illegal to criticize the results of their actions.

Multiculturalism is a political ideology that is intrinsically linked to authoritarianism. Using multiracial migration to create an immigration-driven genocide against the Australian people naturally results in massive social problems. To counter the obvious outcome, of widespread ethnic strife, Multiculturalists then clamp down on their political opponents who are successfully pointing out the ruinous nature of Multiculturalism and multiracialism. For them to succeed in their anti-Australian and genocidal policies, Multiculturalists feel compelled to stomp heavily upon Australia's free speech and democratic rights. It's the nature of the beast.

The Human Rights Commission is well aware of article 19 (2) of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, which includes the "freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds... either, orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or any other media"[2], however, they don't believe that such freedoms should apply to their political opponents (that is, critics of multiculturalism and multiracialism).

The HRC pays lip-service to the ideas of democracy; except, of course, for those who politically disagree with them on immigration issues. Funnily enough, those they agree with get full rights to free speech to promote immigration and "open borders" (that is, anti-white genocide), whilst those they don't agree with are told their views are "racial vilification" and are threatened with jail. The hypocrisy of the HRC is astounding. Just as in George Orwell's novel, 1984, the Thought Police always have a spiel ready to justify their crushing of democracy.

    Freedom of expression is, of course, a central tenet of democracy. It is one of the freedoms which define whether a country is democratic. For example, the freedom to criticise government or politicians enables open competition for elected office, and ensures government accountability. Totalitarianism crushes freedom of expression precisely because it promotes political dissent and competition ... the right to freedom of expression must be limited by the rights of others, and particularly the right to freedom from racial vilification [3]

Perhaps unwittingly, the Human Rights Commission has recognised that its engagement in the process of seeking to deny Australians free speech is Nazi-like, as demonstrated by this quote from its website:

    At the more extreme end are regimes which have imposed draconian censorship laws that allow for the imprisonment, detention, torture, death or silencing of individuals for exercising their right to freedom of expression through their writing. There are many examples throughout history, and throughout the world, where writers have suffered human rights violations simply for exercising their right to freedom of expression. For example, during WW2, under the Nazi regime [4]

Multiculturalism and multiracialism are hate-filled ideologies which seek the eventual genocide of European populations across the world, and whose advocates often vilify Western societies, peoples, and cultures. Such hateful ideologies can create justifiable fear and anxiety amongst target populations, with people finding that multiracial genocidal policies and Multiculturalism are abhorrent and counter-productive to a thriving democracy. However, instead, the Human Rights Commission acts to become part of the process of anti-white genocide and racism.

For our country to be a decent place to live in, to be a place of harmony, without large-scale and ongoing racial problems, we must become a homogeneous society of predominantly European origin. It's time to oppose anti-Australian genocide and Multicultural fascism. It's time to protect Australia and the Australian people!


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