Professor Andrew Fraser vindicated, again

Andrew Guild

It was around 18 months ago when Professor Andrew Fraser was hysterically denounced as a terrible racist for simply pointing out some obvious facts about multiculturalism. In a letter to the Parramatta Sun, Andrew Fraser suggested that “an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems “[1]. In the same letter he pointed out the looming crises of Asianisation and the marginalisation of white Australians:

    "Look at the annual HSC results - the consequence of which is that Oz is creating a new heavily Asian managerial-professional, ruling class that will feel no hesitation ... in promoting the narrow interests of their co-ethnics at the expense of white Australians."[2]

Which brings us to the current news item on a company called 'Tristar' that makes components for the automotive industry (whats left of it) in Australia. The company is winding down it's Australian manufacturing plants in order to move them to Asia and exploit workers over there. In doing so, Tristar has to stand down it's Australian work force, including workers who have been at the company for over forty years. They started this process, however when it got to one of longest serving employees, they started playing games:

    When Tristar began to wind down its Australian operations two years ago and offered voluntary redundancy to its employees, Mr Beaven, an accounts manager, applied. But although 20 of his colleagues were given redundancy, Mr Beaven was refused.

    "They knew that he was sick and had cancer, that he was on sick leave, and they decided to play some games," said a spokesman for the family, Colin Wood, yesterday.

In short, they were waiting for Mr Wood to die in order to avoid paying him his entitlements. Mr Wood commented that this behaviour was 'unAustralian'[4] and he is right, as the managing director of Tristar is one Cheng Hong. Cheng Hong has also arranged to have the Marrickville factory in NSW stripped of it's machinery and moved to Asia. The stripping of plant machinery was one of the features of the globalisation of the Argentinian workforce and nearly led to the complete destruction of that country. What happened to Argentina will happen in this country unless we put an end to globalisation.

The Tristar workers are still forced to show up at the factory day in and day out and do nothing, while Cheng Hong waits for the clock to wind down on their entitlements, a loop hole in the Howard IR laws:

    Next Thursday, at the request of Tristar's parent company Arrowcrest Group, the Industrial Relations Commission will decide whether or not to quash these employees' existing workplace agreement.

    If the agreement is canceled, Arrowcrest can wait 12 months before firing the workers. And they'll be legally entitled to withhold all redundancy money.

As Andrew Fraser pointed out, having an Asian managerial class will be detrimental to Australian workers, as no doubt Cheng Hong will be using his ethnic Asian network to setup shop in Asia, he is also being assisted by the Howard government's IR laws. Oddly enough, the unions have been completely silent on this issue, they prefer to let these people rot in 'employment purgatory'[6] and use it to score political points against the government. It's not surprising though, while the Howard government has never pretended to be on the side of the worker, it's been decades since the ALP have been on the side of the worker.


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