A few words about Freedom of Speech

Andrew Guild

This Internet site covers many topics that can be termed as "controversial". In particular, we could mention immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

Why controversial? Well, for historical reasons (concerning ideology, academia, trade, and politics), the current power-elite of Australia (the Establishment) is dominated by cosmopolitan-internationalists - and, generally, these people do not like to have their views challenged. The most important and most influential section of the Establishment, the media, is trying its best to portray democratic criticism of immigration, multiculturalism, and Asianisation as unacceptable.

However, the fact is that the majority of the Australian people oppose the anti-Australian policies of continuous mass immigration, government-funded multiculturalism, and Asianisation.

Also, parliamentarians such as Pauline Hanson and Graeme Campbell have publicly opposed the continuation of these anti-Australian policies.

But even if it were only a minority of Australians who opposed these anti-Australian policies, the point would be the same:
In a democracy such as ours it is vitally necessary to allow public opposition to any policy that the Government, and the Establishment, may be peddling. This is part of the essence of democracy in Australia.

People who talk of "freedom of speech", but then move to restrict access to public mediums of expressing that freedom of speech are absolute hypocrites.

To put restrictions upon advocating views in public (whether it be via speaking on top of soap boxes; handing out leaflets; publishing pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, etc.; or putting information on the Internet) is to restrict freedom of speech. Having "freedom of speech" but being stopped from speaking your views via normal public means is - in reality - not to have freedom of speech at all.

In Australia today, various multiculturalists are making moves to restrict or ban the freedom of speech of those who would oppose their world-view. For this reason, such rabid multiculturalists are now being called "the New Nazis". These quasi-fascists, and their anti-democratic machinations, must be opposed.

Support democracy!

Support freedom of speech!

"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear"
George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier

1 March 1998